Junior Club

Junior club

The Junior Cards Club is a playspace for 8 to 14 year old card players for all things Yugioh, Pokemon, and Magic the Gathering related, which is guaranteed to be just the ticket for the card obsessed juniors that we know!

Doors for the main hall at 9:50 open on the second and fourth Saturday of the month,  with a scheduled play time  from 10:00 to 12:00. Entry will be a set price of £5 for the 2 hour session, with a guaranteed “Mini-Mega Pack” relevant to the card games played for all entrants, promo cards and a selection of additional cards to take away too!

Mark and Steph (Enhanced DBS and over 20 years experience in the classroom between the 2 of them) will be there to facilitate and run the session, which will also be a great opportunity for entrants’ adults to learn a bit more about the games we play too!

Please check our facebook page or This Month at a glance page for all events running.

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