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Manascrew TNM – Arena (March 31 – 7:00pm) Standard Artisan

March 31, 2020 19:00
No Entry Fee

Event Details

(Standard Artisan Format deck…! [60 cards +Sideboard])

This will be a combination of MTG Arena and Discord messaging. 

(MTG Arena Download –

(Manascrew Discord Server –

As MTG Arena will be used to play the actual MTG, an account is essential

The Manascrew Discord Server will still be used for Pairings and results communication, as it’s the central hub of where everyone is at, and has a bunch of cool functions…

It would be handy to book for this event, so I can gauge interest and player numbers.

Here it is…


TNM – Arena 31 March (Manascrew – Northampton)

What to do before the day…

Ensure you can connect to Arena and have supplied Mark Horne with details of your Arena account Profile ID, via the Manascrew Discord Server


For Example

Our Arena account is:  “Manascrew#23041”, we come up as “Manascrew” on the Discord Server

Please do this by 4pm on Tuesday 31, or I cannot include you this session.

What to have ready on the day… (On Tuesday 31 March)

Each player will need to have a Standard Deck ready (60 cards, with 15 card sideboard)

This Tuesday’s deck restriction (Deck-Builder) is a deck with NO RARE cards.

I AM ALSO PRE-EMPTIVELY BANNING PERSISTENT PETITIONERS…! Aside from this, your choices are upto 4 copies of any non-basic land card in the current Standard format at Common or Uncommon. Cauldron Familiar, Gates Ablaze and Cavalcade are allowed this time around 🙂


Players login to Arena for a latest of 6:45pm registration.  Mark will be closely monitoring this from 6:20pm onwards.

 To register: It will be necessary to post a message to the Discord group “General Lobby”  to let us know you are online.

When to join…

Mark will post pairings via Discord for round 1 at approximately 7:00pm.  The reason for Discord will now become clear, as I can do the pairings separate from the computer screen, as it’s accessible from your phone and doesn’t need multiple screens or browsers!  (And not everyone has Facebook)

Players will then need to look at the pairings and issue direct challenges to each other (See image at top right, third icon across)  It takes a bit of getting used to, and it’s better if Player One initiates the game.

Players will also need to set the Format to “Best of Three” (See top right of the image below – Indicated 1 and in RED)

Players then need to type into the Opponent Box (Indicated 2 and in BLUE) – Their opponent’s Arena Profile ID (See Discord “pairings-and-announcements” Group for the list)

After this, please select a deck to use (Indicated 3 and in Yellow).  There is a restricted format for this, so please be aware!

What are the timings…?

Each game gets a 45 minute time limit, which I will appraise people of via Discord.

This is how pairings will appear on Discord…

Round One will start at 7:05

Round Two will start at 8:00

Round Three will start at 8:50

Round Four will start at 9:40

At the end of the best-of-three games, please indicate your result in the “Results here” area on Discord in a timely manner, so Mark can collate results and proceed to the next round!  (I’m going to try to stick to these timings, giving people toilet breaks and chill-time)

This is all aimed at a second test evening, so I’m perfectly happy to take criticisms on how it’s gone wrong…!

I will let everyone who participated in the event know the standings on request.


Bookings no longer allowed on this date.