Manascrew Pre-Order – Commander Legends Booster Box (24 Packs) Release weekend!

Manascrew Pre-Order – Commander Legends Booster Box (24 Packs) Release weekend!

November 29, 2020
Entry Fee £105.00

Event Details

This is a specific event set up to promote pre-sales of Sealed Booster Box Product of Commander Legends (Due for Release November 20th 2021)

This is set for the “Provisional” Release Date of  Friday 20 November. It is also a second listing, as the pre-release sales are now fully completed! All Boxes will be sold at £105 per Sealed Box.  To clarify from the outset, each “Seat” indicates ONE Sealed Commander Legends Set – “Draft” Booster Box of Product.

Please note: This will constitute a confirmed order of product, which will help us out a lot, but please do this ONLY if you are definitely confirming an order of product 🙂  We have a set number of boxes available to us and money for ordering this will be very tight by Mid-November

Please note: that there is no Buy a box promo left. They all sold out to initial allocation 🙁

As an aside…  Similarly to the other Releases during lockdown, we really appreciate any support that we can receive at this time.  This said, I also understand fully that many people (VERY much like ourselves) are still at very uncertain times with income and expenditures. Please do not feel obligated to do this, if it makes other parts of life more difficult.  When we return, there will be plenty more opportunities to come and support us then too!


Below is a booking form.  This will be used to confirm the Booster Box purchase.  Each “Seat” indicates ONE Sealed Commander Legends – Booster Box of Product.  Initially, we had been restricting players to one box each from us, but we can now permit upto 2 more per person (maximum of 3 boxes each)

Now comes the even more awkward bit… Whilst we expect to be re-opened as a retail venue and back to some level-of-normal by the 2nd of December, we cannot guarantee that we will be 🙁


As Manascrew is Unable to open (Who fully knows what the weeks will bring) – we will again do a structured delivery service within 25 miles radius of NN1 2LZ over the release weekend (20/21/22 November), which will be pre-arranged to ensure you are able to receive product.  Please check this before you buy, as we will not be able to travel further than this at this time. As an addition, please be aware that if we are on a total lock-down (Things do change), and situations change from the current latest “norm”, we will be unable to complete the delivery service too.

Payment methods, which are NOT linked to the booking form, can either be via Paypal, or Offline (Cash or Card Payment on collection of items on the Weekend of the 20/21/22 November)

Please Contact Mark for additional details…!

Sincerely, Mark

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.