Manascrew MONDAY BLITZ FaB Booking (May 10 > 7:00pm to 10:00pm)

Manascrew MONDAY BLITZ FaB Booking (May 10 > 7:00pm to 10:00pm)

May 10, 2021 19:00
Entry Fee £12.00
Spaces available 0 out of 16

Event Details

This is an individual booking form for (Physical Cards) Flesh and Blood Armory Event on-line play (Blitz) on Monday May 10. MONARCH IS LEGAL…

Discord link –

You will need:



A BLITZ DECK (Cards, not virtual)


A UK address in order to receive your prize boosters from us… (apologies to overseas players on this, but postage would cost a lot. Happy to discuss further options here too!)


Manascrew Event Specifics:

This booking form is for a SINGLE BOOKING of 1 player.

Each booking is for a single seating, for a single player. Additional room for additional persons beyond 8 is not provided, due to logistical issues for latest Armory online event (Monarch is legal)…

This will be allocated to the first x players to book. (I’m not fully decided on a number just yet)  After the allocation is full, we WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY MORE REQUESTS!

ENTRY is based on £12 entry payment.  This gets you access to the event (+ OUR PRIZE STRUCTURE), covers postage costs for prizes, and the wonderful extra prizes provided by Legend Story Studios too (when they arrive)!

ALSO – YOU WILL NOT get taken to another page to complete payment >>>

Please email – for further details on payment and registration for the event.

And… the event details!

Prizes –

Participation – 1 Monarch 1st Edition booster. And a Promo card from LSS.  ALL PLAYERS GET THESE.

1 Win – 1 Arcane Rising or 1 Welcome to Rathe (unlimited) Additional to participation. (2 boosters total)

2 Wins – 1 Arcane Rising OR 1 Welcome to Rathe (unlimited) Additional to participation. And 1 Monarch 1st edition booster  (3 boosters total)

3 Wins – 3 Monarch boosters (1st Edition) Additional to participation. (4 boosters total)

AND YES, you have to COMPLETE at least 2 rounds in order to get the participation prizes from us. Failure to do so, will forfeit the prizes. It sucks to have a bye in later rounds for players and our prize structure still rewards the brave.

also from LSS –

  • The May Armory Kit promo cards and Mat haven’t arrived with us yet, but we intend to post up when they do!

For our online Armory events, the prizes are being awarded as both participation prizes and performance prizes, although conduct over webcam is going to be closely monitored. Because it is not feasible for all players to easily get to Manascrew to collect prizes in the current environment, we will be sending boosters directly to players instead. The cost of doing this is reflected in the event price.

How To Participate

Online tournaments will be run using Discord and Webcam. GEM will be used to run the event.

Our discord is –

Entry Fee

£12 entry to be paid no later than 2 days before the event. Failure to do so will open up the reserve list.

Need a GEM player ID?
– register on the fabtcg website


Bookings no longer allowed on this date.