MANASCREW – (Bitoku) Booking 11 08 2022 – (7:00pm Start)

MANASCREW – (Bitoku) Booking 11 08 2022 – (7:00pm Start)

August 11, 2022 19:00
Entry Fee £3.00
Spaces available 0 out of 4

Event Details

Bitoku Play – Gauging those numbers…!!! – 11 08 2022

Please book with us to ensure the event fires…

With increasing distances involved in driving (and fuel shortages), we are concerned about events firing at Manascrew…

Casual Board Games are handy to know numbers to gauge space, as well as the specific bookings too!  (See other future bookings)

ENTRY price – Usual £3+ spend per person

Food or drinks from outside are fine with us, but we ask you use outside bins on finishing for these. We have drinks and snacks for sale at the venue at a reasonable price which helps support us too!

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.