Saturday Night Retro Gaming

What does this involve? Games Consoles (Multiple Screens including 2 CRTs to play them on for NES, Master System, SNES, Megadrives, Playstations, N64, Saturn, Dreamcast, PS2, and Gamecubes) Some of which have really cool extra features including GBA links, LAN, and Arcade sticks!

Two Nintendo Switch Consoles for 8 player Super smash on each console (with 16 original GameCube controllers)

MTG draft – Ravnica Allegiance – 7:30pm start

Dungeons and Dragons sessions (Pre-booked)

Commander Play for MTG and ANY other card based gaming for the night too!

Wednesday Casual Cards Gaming Night!

Hosted by Mark , It’s been a long term feature at Manascrew, for over a year now – as a very popular night for gaming, with plenty to play and great value for money over 6-8 hours playtime!

Doors open from 6:00pm, which will go on to 11:00+, offering plenty of time to come down and simply play some games.

Players bring down multiple card games to play (MTG Commander, Pokemon, Yugioh, Weiss Schwarz, Star Wars Destiny, Cardfight Vanguard, Keyforge and the Transformers TCG! ) and teach players too. We also have lots of decks to lend out for the different card games played too.  If you should fancy a dabble into something different, we can serve up a demo session there and then!

Thursday Card Testing

Full-steam ahead, with our play session for the more serious player on Thursdays, dedicated to play-testing decks for all card games!

For MTG especially, we have lots of in-house experienced play knowledge, and an extensive back catalogue of cards.

Doors open at 5:30 and will go on until 10:30+, and refreshments available.

Reserve your space

Entry for all Casual Card events is priced at a £3+ spend on Manascrew’s products. To clarify, essentially spend £3 or more on Manascrew product and your evening’s play is covered for card games and testing all evening!

Please check our facebook page or This Month at a glance page for all events running.

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