Manascrew is home to many. 

We have a very diverse community here on Sheep Street. Characteristics of religion, race, ethnic origin, language, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age and many other factors of difference enrich our environment.  Many areas to celebrate.

Mark and Manascrew are committed to fostering and developing our diverse environment. An environment that:

  • treats fairly,
  • respects others,
  • gives opportunities for all to contribute,

making everyone simply feel safe being here.

To this end, Manascrew is opposed to all forms of unlawful and unfair discriminationNO LEVEL of justification befits actions and comments that upset our community.  This includes both those directly and indirectly involved.

Please rest assured that any alleged transgression will be investigated and dealt with in a measured manner, appropriate to the incidents and individuals involved.

To mis-quote another toy retailer >>>

If you find this difficult and choose to opt out… 

…You will not be missed.